List of terms used in the game

Phonetic Alphabet

Like the show, Diaspora makes use of a phonetic alphabet. Unlike the show, this is often used to name wings of Cylons so that it is easier to tell the player what he should be attacking. If you wish to follow this convention (and it's highly recommended that you do), here are the names you should use. Some are canon to the show while others were decided upon by the team in order to fill in the gaps.

Other Terms

Krypter! Krypter! Krypter!- Colonial equivalent of Mayday.

Bingo Fuel- Two minutes of fuel remaining

Joker Fuel- Out of fuel, must return.

RTB- Return to Base

CBDR- Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range

CAP- Combat Air Patrol

CAG- Commander Air Group

DRADIS- Direction, RAnge, and DIStance

Bogey- DRADIS contact, intention unknown

Bandit- Confirmed hostile DRADIS contact

XO- Executive Officer

CO- Commanding Officer

RA- Radiological Alarm

RFN- Right Fraking Now (not official jargon)

ETE- Estimated Time En-route

ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival

Wilco- Will comply

VLS- Vertical Launch System

DC- Damage Control